Sunday, July 3, 2016

Do you remember?

Do you remember what it feels like? That tingle on your skin... That subtle smile that crept across your you remember? Do you remember feeling close to me? Imagining what I smell like? How I taste? Do you recall the times you were stressed and I knew? Do you remember seeing me twirl as I soaked up your sunlight? Seeing yourself reflected in my eyes? How the sound of your voice calmed even my greatest worries? Do you remember the excitement you felt for me? The eagerness? The love you have for me? Do you? Or is that lost now? Did it all get tossed out the window with everything else? Did you throw it all out with the trash along with my heart? Did you lock everything outside of you like you locked me out? Did you close all the blinds so you can't see me? Shut the doors so you can't feel me anymore?  Are you reminded of what was wrong before to the point you ignore what was right? Do you only see me for what I initially seemed, or do you remember when I showed you who I really was? Do you remember when it was good, or does remembering when it was bad make it easier? Or do you even remember me at all? Did I ever actually reside in your heart or was I living in your ego all this time?

I remember you. I know you. I love you. Still. And it hurts.

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